"Angel is, in a word, gorgeous, with a captivating fresh-face allure and personality that can immediately draw the attention of an audience. 
But it is her vocal skills, including voice, timing, and phrasing far exceeding what could be expected from one so young - that allow her to keep that attention for the duration of her performance. 
Angel can perform often-heard jazz standards and put her own mark on them without "re-inventing the wheel".

Randy Freedman - Chicago Jazz Magazine.

"Without question, one of the finest and most versatile voices in our town..."
Wayne Messmer - WDCB 90.9fm Radio

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One Day, All Too Soon: CD
  • One Day, All Too Soon: CD
  • One Day, All Too Soon: CD

One Day, All Too Soon: CD

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"One day, All Too Soon" demonstrates that Angel Spiccia has a lovely voice with a delicious timbre and insightful, interpretive skills. Equally comfortable with both jazz and popular music, Spiccia shows a wide creative range. She is helped immeasurably by the exciting arrangements of her pianist/music director/father (not necessarily in that order), Maurice Spiccia, who truly makes the keyboard sing. The musicianship of the iconic Chicago musicians behind them could hardly be improved upon.

-Randy Freedman: Chicago Jazz Magazine

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